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Come to the Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Center (SPARC)  located at the Southside Health & Wellness Campus in Oneonta, N.Y for a COMPLIMENTARY 20 POINT POSTURAL ANALYSIS to determine if your golf swing is being negatively impacted by your postural imbalances! (a little secret....most likely it is! )  

Why do MOST pro-golfers love chiropractic care? #BECAUSE CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!! We fix postural imbalances which can strongly impact the dynamics of the golf swing ands that's why the pros love us!  Search YOUR favorite pro and most likely they will give credit to their doctor of chiropractic for keeping them at the top of their game! If it works for them, it will probably work for you too!

Call 607-433-9661 and mention this facebook ad and ask for your Complimentary 20 Point Postural Analysis!